Designer Kitchens

Inspiration for a incredible designer kitchens

When setting out to create your new designer kitchen there are many factors to consider. If you are spending a lot of money on a new designer kitchen, then you are most likely wanting it to incorporate everything that would make it your ultimate dream kitchen.
There are so many ways to find inspiration for an incredible designer kitchen. Flick through magazines, search for images of beautiful designer kitchens on the internet, and slowly you will start seeing ideas here and there that you love for your own kitchen.

Designer Kitchen - Caesarstone

Choosing your style

When choosing a style for your new designer kitchen, try to find a balance between what you like, current trends, and what will work in your kitchen. There are many styles to suit every interest and personality. Whether you want a sleek, super-modern kitchen, an elegant traditional kitchen mixed with modern appliances, an eclectic vintage kitchen made up of one-off finds that are personal to you, or a rustic country kitchen modeled with solid oak and natural materials. There really is a style for everyone to create their own beautiful designer kitchen of their dreams.
Think about what materials you like and that would go well with your chosen style of kitchen. For a more contemporary kitchen maybe consider high gloss cabinets mixed with stainless steel appliances, for a traditional elegant kitchen maybe think about solid oak or marble. The best designer kitchens use excellent quality materials that are hardwearing and stand the test of time. Spending a bit more money now will mean that the kitchen will still look great in many years to come.


When thinking about certain styles of kitchens, it is easy to think that elegant and traditional kitchens have to be cream or white, or modern kitchens have to be a stark white. However, some of the most interesting designer kitchens are now using striking colours to create a unique look, whether it be an entire kitchen made of one solid colour or creating accent walls or pieces of furniture in a certain colour to add a bit of character to a white or cream kitchen.

Brown and Green Kitchen Design - Caesarstone


Designing your dream kitchen isn’t just about deciding on colour schemes and materials. The layout and how the kitchen will be used on a practical day to day basis are of great importance also. The standard kitchen usually has a layout that corresponds to what is known as the ‘kitchen triangle’. This refers to a triangle layout that connects the refrigerator, the stove/oven, and the sink, so you can move between these three most used appliances with ease when preparing food.
You can take the opportunity to create different zones within the kitchen. A place for eating, plenty of worktop space for preparing food, and a sink area for washing. A key feature of a sleek designer kitchen is having very little objects on the worktops and on show. To create this look make sure to incorporate a good amount of storage space for all of your pots, pans, small appliances such as blenders, and food items. Having a good amount of storage space will also help you organize your kitchen well and keep everything neat, tidy, and within easy reach.


When designing a new kitchen there are now many cool appliances and gadgets that will fascinate the technologically minded. From instant hot water taps, to big appliances such as refrigerators, free standing professional style stoves to using electronics for super-modern kitchens. There are many appliances to consider incorporating into your new kitchen to make it fun, modern, and easy to use.

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