Kitchen Backsplash Ideas & Designs

kitchen backsplash ideas

The kitchen backsplash is a fantastic space that you can use to add colour or textual interest to your kitchen. It is possible to work with a wide variety of materials such as quartz, tile, stone, glass, ceramic and stainless steel to achieve the desired effect.

Regardless of whether you are designing an ultra-modern or a very traditional kitchen, your choice of kitchen backsplash will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Luckily, designers have been redefining the look and scope of kitchen backsplashes so you can draw inspiration from many different kitchen styles.

Caesarstone has an incredibly rich selection of quartz surfaces available in a wide variety of colours and textures. On the website, it is possible to use a tool called the Visualiser that lets you customize your kitchen backsplash by selecting the colour of your countertops, backsplash, walls, cabinets, island etc. Below is an example of a kitchen created by the Visualizer>>

kitchen backsplash Caesarstone

The Contemporary Kitchen design was chosen and then coloured the backsplash in Blue Agate. Blue Agate is one of my favorite surfaces and I think it really provides a ‘wow’ effect. It is made of real semi-precious stones and its rich and vibrant colour gives the kitchen backsplash vitality and interest. I kept the rest of the kitchen white so that the focus stays on the backsplash. Then I chose Caesarstone’s White Shimmer for the countertops and a clean white for the rest of the elements.

You can also choose glossier surfaces to give your kitchen a splash of colour. The kitchen below uses a bold orange backsplash that gives it a very modern and striking look. The orange backsplash works well because it is surrounded by soft neutral colours. The countertops are made of Caesarstone’s 2370 Mocha which has a gorgeous earthy tone, while the streamlined counters have a gentle off-white hue.

kitchen backsplash Ideas

If you want a kitchen that has a warmer feel to it, use natural or natural-looking materials. The brick backsplash showcased below gives the kitchen a very inviting and nostalgic feel. The rich red terracotta is a very calming and the texture of the brick gives the kitchen a lot of depth.

Notice how in this design there are no upper counters- a great feature that helps open up the kitchen and lets the backsplash shine even more. Grey and natural wood perfectly compliment this ceramic backsplash.

The countertops are made using Caesarstone’s 6003 Coastal Grey which has a rich play of black, white and grey veins. The wooden counters and floors give the kitchen additional warmth and a very natural feel.

kitchen backsplash design

Another material that communicates warmth is natural stone. As can be seen from the kitchen below, you can choose unpolished stone and really benefit from the textual wealth it gives the kitchen. You can also play around with the layout of the stones- or choose a more symmetrical layout such as this one or have a backsplash that consists of uncut stones for a more abstract look.

Stone can work well in different design contexts and if you want a more toned down kitchen such as this one, you should combine it with neutral tones. This kitchen uses Caesarstone’s 2370 Mocha countertops with clean white counters and a rich parquet floor.

kitchen backsplash with white countertops

A classic choice for a backslash is tile. Today, you can choose from an immense variety of tiles that enable you to play around with different textures and colours. An effective way to make the kitchen feel bigger is to have the tiles extend beyond the cabinetry and up the wall as in the kitchen below.

Another way to draw interest is to layout the tiles in a less conventional way. As can be seen in the tile pattern below, different sizes of tiles are used to create a sophisticated composition. This soft toned kitchen uses Caesarstone’s 2141 Blizzard countertops​, with white, grey and wood-coloured cabinetry.

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