Kitchen Colours - Choose The Perfect Color Scheme

Kitchens are often the hub of the home. Whether everyone is sitting down for a meal or taking a break and having a cup of coffee, having a kitchen you enjoy is a wonderful asset.
Today, more and more designers are incorporating colour into the kitchen. There are fantastic colour combinations that really bring the kitchen to life and give it a personalized and highly aesthetic feel. Some of the combinations are subtle and calming while others use colour to infuse energy and vivaciousness.

On the top of the list of today’s hottest colour combos is grey and brown. Grey is the ‘new white’ and it works exquisitely with kitchens that have wooden furniture/ parquet floors or brown coloured cabinets. You can use grey on your kitchen walls and also on your surfaces. Caesarstone has a wide variety of plain and textured grey quartz surfaces that you can choose from (click here to see just a few ). The combination of grey and brown offers an impressive yet refined look that is certain to stand the test of time.

coastal grey

A surprising combination that works really well for both modern and traditional kitchens is green and silver. This choice is ideal for those who love the metallic look of stainless steel appliances and hardware. By surrounding the appliances with green cabinetry, colours and/or surfaces, they gain a softer and more inviting feel. Caesarstone has an ‘Apple Martini’ surface that can be used very effectively or you can use a white coloured countertop to bring the green and silver composition together (for a list of white surfaces visit:

kitchen colour - caesarstone

For those who prefer a more vibrant kitchen, red and white offer a very powerful combination. Apparently red is a colour that stimulates an appetite and is one of the top shades for kitchens. The combination is very effective in contemporary designs that use very clean lines. You don’t need to use a lot of red to achieve a striking result- if you place a vibrant red colour such as Caesarstone’s Red Shimmer on the backsplash or on all or part of the countertops, you will achieve the desired result. What makes the red and white kitchen work is that the red is surrounded by all-white furnishings (and countertops in the case of the red backsplash).

If you prefer a kitchen with a calmer ambience then you should try a blue coloured kitchen. Blue is one of the most soothing shades and it works very well with black. The combination suits both modern and country style kitchens. If you choose to have all blue counters (either light or dark blue), you should consider a solid black countertop such as Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir 

kitchen couours - Emperadoro Caesarstone

For an ultra-modern and exciting looking kitchen, Jewel or semi-precious stone tones are fantastic. The translucent properties and vibrant natural colours of the semi-precious stones make them a spectacular focal point in any kitchen and add unparalleled pizazz. The surfaces work very well when combined with dark cabinetry and a design that uses very straight and clean lines. A semi-precious stone surface that is popular in contemporary kitchens is Caesarstone’s Concetto Blue Agate . If you use it on selected parts of your kitchen such as the bar or island, you are certain to get a ‘WOW!' effect.

Caesarstone Calacatta

Last, but definitely not least, is the black and white colour combination. While this combination is a classic that has been used for decades, its appeal is timeless. The sharp contrast between the black and white has a lasting allure that designers adore. Today you can find exquisite kitchens with black cabinetry and sleek, stainless-steel hardware and crisp white countertops.

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