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Apartment living: how to maximize your kitchenette design space

A small space can really limit your kitchenette design options—especially when you have a kitchenette. Small kitchenettes can really be tough to make into an open and useful space, especially when large appliances often dominate the space.​

Use these simple kitchenette design tips for space planning in your small kitchen and be sure to get the most out of your small kitchen space.

Work Stations
One of the most important parts of the kitchen is the work space. Where are you going to chop a salad, mix cake batter or stir your chocolate milk? Counter space can be at a premium in a small kitchen when you also factor in sinks and stovetops.

Maximize your work station by using flush mount inserts for sinks and stove tops. You’ll be able to cover your sink or stove with an instant countertop insert when you need valuable counter space in your kitchenette.

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Kitchen Triangle
The kitchen triangle is simple to explain: it’s the imaginary triangular line that goes from the refrigerator to the stove top to the sink.Since these are the three things you use the most in the kitchen, it makes sense to keep them close together. However, unlike in larger spaces, in a kitchenette design it makes sense to spread out the kitchen triangle to maximize the available space.

Open Floor Plans
One of the best ways to make a small kitchen space seem larger is by creating an open floor plan. That means knocking out walls or opening up doorways to get an open view throughout the kitchen. While this idea often works well in an already open floor plan and design layout, it’s not always feasible, it should be considered where it can be used to open up the space.

Light and Bright
When trying to make a small space feel more open than it really is, light and bright colours help to add depth. White tiles, bright cabinets and a well-lit countertop can help bring cramped kitchenette walls down and open the space to the eye.

When it comes to lighting, a combination of under cabinet lighting and overhead directional spots may help smaller kitchens seem bigger than they really are.

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Storage Spaces
Clever and unique storage ideas are a must-have with any small kitchen space. Under cabinet mounted appliances like microwaves, can openers and toasters all help to add more counter space and free up a cramped kitchenette design layout.

Take advantage of corner cabinets by using lazy-Susan style shelving or bin style corner drawers to minimize wasted space.

When kitchen storage is at a premium, the ideal solution is storing the food elsewhere. A separate pantry in a side closet or room can really help to add space to a tiny kitchenette. A built-in shelf in a closet makes for a great pantry that frees up precious kitchenette space.

Another way to free up space is to set up your breakfast essentials—kettle, toaster, coffee maker, microwave in a separate part of your living space.

Wheeled Cart
A mobile cart is a good way to create extra workspace. Choose a cart that is as tall as your kitchen countertops and you’ve got instant additional counter space for preparing food. A multi-tiered wheeled cart provides storage space for groceries, cookware and small electric appliances like blenders and mixers. Once you’ve finished in the kitchen, the cart can be wheeled out of sight.

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