Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

A New Total Look in the Kitchen

​Regba, a leading brand name in designing, manufacturing and marketing kitchens in Israel, has entered a unique cooperation with Caesarstone Israel. The relationship led to a new and innovative product – modern kitchen cabinets - using thin Black Knit 1620 from the Supremo surfaces.
These modern kitchen cabinets are presented at Regba’s showroom, which was recently opened to the public following Regba’s investment of several million Israeli Shekels. According to Galit Dintelton, Regba’s Marketing Manager, “the showroom has caught the attention of many visitors, including architects and designers as well as end-consumers, given its unique offering”.

Caesarstone - Options for Modern Kitchen Cabinets​

“The kitchen world is progressing from simple wallpaper or wood coverings,” Said Menachem Shefler, Caesarstone’s Department Manager.“Normally, modern kitchen cabinets are made with wood or silver materials. We thought of taking it forward.

While Regba was discussing the new concept store, our team suggested they try and use a 3cm thin Caesarstone surface, as a cover option to the cabinets’ doors. The idea was well accepted, and we rushed off to make it happen.

”First task was to take the size request and forward immediately to the Caesarstone factory. The team managed to successfully cut and shape the surface per the precise request. This included the storeroom side panels and handle’s preparations as well.
“These types of thin surfaces have never been tried at Regba before,” adds Dintelton, “and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Caesarstone’s creativity and innovative thinking.”

Practicality It turns out that modern kitchen cabinets, by Caesarstone surfaces, are a real practical solution for architects, designers and the end-consumer. Benefits include a complete and unified look, especially when matching with the countertop, and low overall maintenance.

Caesarstone surfaces don’t scratch, don’t absorb or stain, and deal with water better.This makes cleaning a much easier task, specifically in lively rooms such as the kitchen. The Thrill “Our team was looking for ideas to expand our surfaces in further areas of the kitchen,” Said Zvika Rimon, Country Manager of Caesarstone Israel.

“We believe this is a great model for other Caesarstone offices around the world, that believe they have maxed all options in the kitchen ,to consider this opportunity.

”For people that have almost seen it all, and are looking for something unique but practical, modern kitchen cabinets that use Caesarstone’s innovative materials are really the best solution. With the door knobs designed within the surface, and the right countertop match, the kitchen has a strikingly clean and unified appearance.

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