New Kitchen Ideas

2015 has brought with it some hot new kitchen trends. Many of the trends view the kitchen (and rightfully so) as the hub of the home and in turn concentrate on transforming it into a well-designed space as opposed to a merely functional food-preparation area. What is wonderful about these new kitchen ideas is that they add glamour to the space and give it some real pizazz. Below are a few designer tips of how you can transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. Furniture-style design features- rather than opting for “generic” kitchen furnishings, choose furniture with inherent chic and character. This includes using cupboards, islands or tables that aren’t traditionally used for the kitchen at all. Some designers recommend placing a sofa in the kitchen- a great place to sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning and a piece of furniture that gives the kitchen a bit of a twist. The idea behind this trend is that the kitchen should be filled with beautiful furniture that will give it a distinct personality rather than furniture that makes it look like a “functional work-station”.

  2. Dramatic Wallpaper- the wallpaper is a dynamic design element that can easily transform any space. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen you can apply wallpaper to the entire kitchen or to a select wall or corner. Interior design stores and the Internet are filled with wallpaper designs that are simply outstanding- from captivating natural scenes to texturally sophisticated surfaces. A strategically placed colourful wallpaper can easily add vitality and energy to your kitchen space.

  3. Statement-making ceilings- in general, kitchen ceilings have been neglected relative to the rest of the kitchen. An impressive way to add style is to invest in your ceiling. There are different ways of doing this and the most obvious one is to focus on your lighting. There are amazing chandeliers that can transform your kitchen into a mini-palace and a wide variety of pendulum lights that add character and ambiance. Additionally, spot lights can be used to draw attention to the ceiling and give it a sophisticated look.

    04350 Lagos Blue - quartz countertops Caesarstone

    A modern kitchen with a high and attractive ceiling. The ceiling includes pendulum lights that run from above the kitchen island to the glass door. Strategically placed spot lights illuminate the rest of the kitchen. Additionally, the dark wooden floors automatically draw the eye upwards towards the ceiling. The kitchen has clean white counters combined with open wooden shelves and a half-white half-wood island. The kitchen counters (both for the island and the main kitchen area) use Caesarstone’s Lagos Blue- a rich brown countertop made up of tones of light and dark brown.

  4. Shining metallics- Many kitchen use metallic elements such as silver, chrome and stainless steel to add textural detail. However, warmer metals such as gold, copper and bronze are paving their way into kitchen design. For example, if you want to add gold to your kitchen, consider painting a small niche in gold and placing a few designer ornaments in it. Another option is to invest in gold coloured lampshades - you can find spotlights, pendulum lights and standing lights which can be easily incorporated into the new décor. There are also gold coloured taps and sinks that can transform your kitchen into a royal abode.


5212 taj royal - quartz countertops Caesarstone

The royal looking kitchen above has a gold coloured tap that adds glitter to the kitchen. The dramatic island is made using Caesarstone’s 5212 Taj Royal which has a marble like design with rich depth and warm creamy hues. The walls of the kitchen are a soft grey and the plaster detail on them is reminiscent of French palaces. The wooden floors have a sophisticated parquet layout that enhances the composition.

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