Small Kitchen Designs

Small kitchens can be warm and comfortable right?
That’s especially true when small kitchen designs incorporate plans for family friendly spaces. After all, kitchens are normally the family’s gathering spot.
At Caesarstone, we understand that. We all have families too and we spend just as much time in our kitchens as you do.

That’s why we also spend an inordinate amount of time dreaming up innovative materials that add tremendously to the design of the small kitchen spaces you want.

Small Kitchen Designs - Caesarstone

Small Kitchen Designs – Unlimited Options

You have a wide set of options when you choose to use Caesarstone composite quartz in your kitchen countertops, cabinets, wall paneling and more as part of your small kitchen designs.

From an extremely wide array of color options including fine-grained salt and pepper patterns to coarse-grained color blends you’ll find that you’re able to comfortably incorporate our materials into your kitchen color schemes.

You’ll also find that the look and feel of our materials’ surfaces fit into your small kitchen designs. From choices including polished, honed (matte), and viento (textured) your design options expand dramatically.

Black Caesarstone quartz countertops

Our materials are superior in almost every respect. They’re an investment that combines beauty and longevity for a multitude of original concepts. Take a further look at what we can offer, and then envision spending quality time with your family in the small kitchen of your dreams.


How to Get More from your Compact Kitchen

Unless you have a big country kitchen, smaller kitchens are becoming more common, particularly in big cities where space in apartments and townhouses is at a premium. When you are working with set amount of space, bearing in mind that the average small or ‘compact’ kitchen is considered to be under 10ftx10ft, thoughtful storage and kitchen design layout is key.

Every inch needs to be resourcefully utilized to create a practical and efficient space to cook and for all your kitchen storage

The typically most popular small kitchen found in many homes, particularly in apartments, is either a gallery kitchen (two rows of cabinets and worktops running parallel to each other) or a single-wall style kitchen. These two designs of kitchen layouts provide the most efficient use of a small floor area.

One of the advantages of a compact kitchen is that everything is within easy reach of each other. For the most functional use of a kitchen, keep in mind what is known in design terms as the ‘kitchen triangle’. The kitchen triangle consists of placement of the refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink, within an imaginary triangle layout in the design of the kitchen.

Using this typical design technique means that these three most used appliances form the most practical way to utilize the kitchen.

Creating the Illusion of Space
When you have a small kitchen one of the most important things to consider when designing it is creating the illusion of more space. Using neutral colors for the kitchen cabinets, or even using glass cabinet doors, is a great idea as it keeps the room open and airy. Using darker colors in a small kitchen can make it feel claustrophobic and make it feel even smaller.

White cabinets in particular create bright, reflective countertops that really open up a room, and adding stainless steel appliances into the mix encourages light to bounce off every surface.

Raising the cabinets off the floor by placing them on stilts so they aren’t touching the floor really seems to create the feeling of space. Also, using larger floor tiles on a kitchen floor as oppose to small detailed times, will also make the floor space look larger than it is.

Having to work with a small space forces you to decide what is really important to you in a kitchen, what you really need and what you can live without. This is especially true for appliances. Sure, you really need a fridge, a stove, and a sink, but can you live without a dishwasher or microwave if there just isn’t enough space for one?

Having clutter on your worktops will instantly make a kitchen feel small. Try to avoid having lots of little things on display, instead find space for them tucked away in cabinets where they are out of sight and leave the worktops free of clutter and open.

More ideas
In a compact kitchen storage is the key to making the limited space work to your advantage. Create plenty of opportunities for hidden compartments and make the most of space saving boxes and baskets for food, getting rid of bulky cardboard packets.

If limited cabinet space is an issue, try wall mounting objects to create extra storage, leaving worktop space purely for food preparation and cooking. Pots and pans can be hung from the ceiling or wall, spice racks can be wall mounted, and utensils can be hung using magnetic wall mounted strips.

Although, as previously mentioned, white kitchens create light in a small kitchen, don’t forget to give your kitchen a little personality by adding a little splash of color somewhere. Maybe design with some colorful tiles, or add some fun colorful appliances.

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