Ideas For Your Modern White Kitchen

planning a white kitchen

Time tested and true, a white kitchen can be a pure white sparkling space complete with cabinets, counters and walls—all perfectly white—or hint at light colours with white cabinets breaking up naturally light coloured fine woods and stone.

Either way, there are a few things that you should take into consideration when creating a white kitchen space. Use these five tips for planning a white kitchen and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your bright, white kitchen space.

A Splash of Colour
A completely white kitchen can have a medical, clinical feel, but this can be avoided. Break up the white elements with contrasting tones, materials and natural light. Dark furniture like black or red stools can give a white kitchen the contrast needed to make the space really pop.

Planning a White Kitchen - Caesarstone

Using colour on the floor or ceiling can help frame the cabinets, walls and countertops and allow the space to be divided; without really changing a large portion of overall tone. You don’t even have to change the colours of the floors or ceilings to help dilute a pure white kitchen space - materials with different textures cast unique shadows so that they appear to be darker shades of white.

Natural Lighting
For the space to feel comforting and homely, harsh florescent lighting should be avoided. Natural light compliments and accentuates white surfaces, without creating a cold feeling. Where there’s a window, allow light to pour in without obstruction. Natural light in a kitchen from a window not only helps to keep a white kitchen well-lit, but the window also provides ventilation — another essential in a functional kitchen.

If a window is out of the question; don’t fret. In some situations it’s possible to allow natural light in by installing a tube-style skylight. They’re easy to install, inexpensive and provide a beam of natural light to nearly any white kitchen space.

In lieu of natural light, modern light bulbs are available in natural shades – use soft warm tones that are more towards the red-end of the light spectrum. A good combination of ambient and task lighting sources can add to the design theme of the kitchen and provide an all-white space with the perfect balance of lighting sources.

White Kitchen Design - Caesarstone

Combining with Wood
Another way to add contrast is with wood. By using an all wood cabinet design you can effectively accent the white elements and frame the cabinets. Both light and dark woods can help to achieve this. Different textured woods can also create a gorgeous design that helps to accentuate cabinets in an all-white kitchen space.

Using Stainless Steel
Stainless steel and white complement each other ideally. Appliances like a stainless steel stove, refrigerator and oven are all fantastic ways to accent your all-white kitchen, and can give the kitchen an ultramodern feel. If you’re looking for a slightly more traditional feel, and still want stainless steel, consider blending with wood. Accenting your Modern Kitchen Cabinets​ with materials like birch can help create a pleasing steel, wood and white theme.

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