White is the New Black

In an article published at the beginning of the month in Vogue magazine, ten designers were asked to choose their preferred shade of white for wall painting, in what was referred to as a “tribute to simplicity”. Some of them chose white as their colour of the year for 2016,a choice that reflects trends in other aspects of design and popular culture, comments Natalie Itzchakov, founder of ‘The Visionary’- a company that forecasts trends, inspirations and research.

Itzchakov, who previously worked at the Parisian trend forecasting company Li Edelkoort, cites for example the fashion shows from last summer of brands like Valentino, Oscar de la Rena and Dolce & Gabbana, in which white was dominant. “It was not only in the white” says Itzchakov, “rather a luxurious interpretation of a base colour that incorporated fine craftsmanship, laser cuttings, embroidery, transparencies and layers- something traditional transformed contemporary”. In popular culture she gives as an example the television series “The Leftovers” produced by HBO.

1111 Vivid White CU landscape
Photography: Tom Mannion. Vivid White 1111

The series tells the story of life in small town in the United States, after two percent of the world’s population disappears for no apparent reason. The inhabitants try to keep a front of normality, even if the term has become meaningless, and a few members of the town join a group that forbids them from speaking and forces them to wear only white clothes.

“The attempt to hold onto normality- while superficially guarding asceticism, virginity and cleanliness- is a sight and counter-action against the period in which we live. A period with an abundance of stimulus provided by Social Media networks such as Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and others”, says Itzchakov. “We are constantly exposed to images that we want to imitate and some of the side-effects are anincrease in plastic surgery, an aspiration for extreme slimness or detox.

As time passes, I hear of more and more people that want to break away and separate from everything that floods them: they see imagesthat stimulate all of their senses and that don’t provide them with pleasant feelings, and so they cut themselves off from the Social Media.”

1111 Vivid White CU landscape 1
Photography: Tom Mannion. Vivid White 1111​

“This is an extreme point that symbolizes our desire to clean everything that doesn’t do us good, and the white colour expresses this ​process for us, until slowly slowly we will find the balance. It echoes the saying that “less is more”: we will make peace with ourselves, people will spend more time enjoying themselves during the day instead of at night, and the colour white, which is usually a summer colour, will transcend to all seasons of the year as something that is light and pleasant. In the future we will also see more people who choose to dress completely in white, and not only in black like we are used to”.

Photography: Tom Mannion. Vivid White 1111​

The white trend is also expressed in Caesarstone’s new collection that is currently being launched. Vivid White 1111- Caesarstone’s newest white- it the whitest tone in the company’s wide range of designs. The minimalistic and classical look that the design provides the kitchen, yields a contemporary interpretation to those seeking simplicity and calmness while maintaining advantages such as quality, durability and easy maintenance. From this perspective the new white is a continuation to the Concrete White 4001, characterized by its industrial look,and which answers the need for those seeking an urban trend as it has the look of white concrete that is reserved and refined.

4001 Fresh Concrete Render
Photography: Tom Mannion. Vivid White 1111​​

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