Essential Elements For A Classic Kitchen Design

Classic kitchen designs are one of the most flexible and simple design themes to create in a kitchen. Their timeless features, minor details and neutral color palates ensure that it’s neither too ornate nor too impersonal and can still suit a wide variety of tastes, styles and budgets. Whether you’re dressed for a black tie dinner or you’re just wearing a jeans and t-shirt, a classic kitchen style matches well with everyday décor and extraordinary décor alike. If you’re looking to create your own classic kitchen, be sure to include the following essential elements to your design layout and you’ll be sure your classic kitchen not only looks great, but it works great too.

Ornate vs. Elegant
Some people confuse classic with traditional. While they are very similar in style, there is a subtle difference. There’s a tradeoff that defines classic style between thee ornate and the elegant. Classic style still possesses all the features of traditional style like crown molding, paneled walls and even legs on kitchen islands. While they are elegant, they aren’t necessarily over the top or ornate. Traditional style kitchens have very ornate woodworking and other detailed features that define their style best.

Classic Kitchen Design Tip #1: Classic kitchen design still sports elegant additions that define it as a classic style. When choosing the fancy features of a classic kitchen, use the KISS method (Keep it simple silly) to get the most out of your elegant classic kitchen additions.
White and Bright - It’s hard to tame a dark kitchen into possessing a classic style and feel. Classic kitchens are designed to be timeless, simple and fresh, not dark, complicated and traditional. White cabinetry, creamy stone countertops, and elegant marble flooring help to accentuate the white and bright colors that help a classic kitchen design pop.

Classic Kitchen Design Tip #2: You don’t have to have an all-white kitchen just to have a classic feel. Dark contrasts like black cast quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and dark flooring can help offset the overpowering all-white kitchen.
Simple Styles - One of the easiest features to recognize a good classic kitchen design by are the cabinet doors. A good style door that isn’t especially ornate yet isn’t excessively flat and modern shouts classic. You won’t see raised panels, fussy hardware or detailed woodworking in a classic styled kitchen. Stick to the KISS method when choosing cabinetry in a classic design and you can’t go wrong.

classic kitchen

Classic Kitchen Design Tip #3: A simple shaker style cabinet door is the best way to go for a good classic door profile. If you want to get fancy, a small bit of bead molding around the inside panel can help bring a little more life to an otherwise simple kitchen design style.
Subway Tiles - Another common design element of a classic styled kitchen is subway tile. More often than not, the light colored tile is used as a complete backsplash that surrounds cabinets to countertops. Many designers and homeowners incorporate white subway tiles with white cabinets and countertops to create one seamless simplistic design.

Classic Kitchen Design Tip #4: Change the color of your grout to match the color of your dark flooring, appliances or countertops and create a striking balance between the two spaces of the room.
Flexible Features - Once of the best things about the classic kitchen is that its design is flexible. So if you ever feel like changing it later on down the road, it’s easy to do and won’t cost you a fortune. With a few ornate chairs, lighting or wood panels you can change the style to a more traditional feel. If you want to go the other direction, you can put a few modern bar stools, add some lively colors and a bit of industrial lighting o change your kitchen to an eclectic style that fun and unique to the individual’s tastes.

Classic Kitchen Design Tip #5: If you’re considering changing the design theme later on down the road, you may want to choose neutral colored tile and appliances in the beginning to help with any future design transitions.

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