White Quartz Countertops

White is a classic colour for a countertop. White works well in all types of spaces- from ultra-modern designs that have a sleek and clean look to traditional designs that are more ornamented. As a leader in quartz countertops, Caesarstone has a rich selection of white coloured surfaces.

Caesarstone’s collection is divided into three categories- Classico, Motivo and Concetto. Classico consists of solid coloured quartz surfaces that often have a beautiful play of shades. Motivo offers a pattered and textured
collection and the Concetto is made using semi-precious stones. With such a wide variety to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect surface for your home.

The Classico collection has several models in various shades of white. If you are looking for a clean look, the 1141 Pure White​ is a wonderful choice. The Pure White has a mostly white surface with delicate grey speckles. This model is ideal for all-white kitchens or bathrooms or if you want to add a white element to an already colorful space.

1141 pure white - quartz countertops caesarstone

A new offering by Caesarstone is the 5130 Cosmopolitan White. This model has a richer play of texture and is composed of dominant white veins combined with brown and grey flecks. The kitchen below is a wonderful  example of how countertops can be extended beyond their traditional use.

Instead of limiting the quartz surface to the top of the counter, the Cosmopolitan White surrounds the entire island, giving it a chic and sophisticated look. Another creative concept is to extend the island so that it serves as a kitchen table. You can add a longer slab of Cosmopolitan White (slightly lowered of course) and voila- you have a matching table.

5130 Cosmopolitan White - quartz countertops Caesarstone

Caesarstone has recently launched the 5111 Statuario Nuvo- an incredible looking surface with a marble-like finish. The Statuario Nuvo has more of an off-white tone with wide grey veins running through it. This finish is an ideal choice for a traditional kitchen with a natural look.

As can be seen from the bathroom below, the Statuario Nuvo gives the space a truly luxurious and high-end appeal. This look is classic and will never go out of style. ​

5111 statuario nuvo - quarzt countertops caesarstone.jpg

The Motivo collection has several patterned white surfaces to choose from. What is fantastic about these surfaces is that they add textural depth and sophistication. For example, the 2141L Lace below is an exquisite design that has a classic appeal.

Depending on the décor of your home, choose this design for a small space or for an entire room. If you are looking to create a more traditional soft and classic bathroom, the lace motif can be a great starting point…​​

2141 lace - quartz countertops Caesarstone.jpg

The Motivo collection has more contemporary designs such as the Stripes, Braids and Crocodile. If you are looking to create an all-white space, these models are just right since they will enable you to create a space with textual richness.

2141 stripes - quartz countertops Caesarstone

2141 braids - quartz countertops Caesarstone

2141 crocodile - quartz countertops caesarstone.jpg

Caesarstone’s Concetto collection has surfaces made from semi-precious stones. An especially popular countertop is the White Quartz which has a beautiful and delicate play of white crystals. The bar below clearly shows how the White Quartz adds brightness to a dark and heavy wooden décor.

8141 White Quartz - commercial quarzt - Caesarstone

A major advantage of the White Quartz is its translucent nature. To achieve a dramatic effect (as in the bathroom below) add lights to the back of the walls and illuminate the surface.

8141 White Quartz - quartz bathroom countertops - Caesarstone

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